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Launched on Mother's Day 2006, and founded and operated by moms, Happy Family is the leading premium organic food brand delivering optimal nutrition for the entire family. Happy Family products are consistently recognized for superior taste and nutrition.  We work with pediatricians and nutritionists to develop our recipes, starting with the very best organic ingredients and add extra nutrition when we can - like important vitamins, minerals, supergrains, Salba®  the SUPER chia, and probiotics - to make every bite count.  

 Our products are certified organic because we believe that children deserve delicious foods grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, artificial ingredients, and artificial preservatives.You can count on us to offer items made without any yucky additives, like high fructose corn syrup or trans fats, and we always use packaging that's made without using BPA.

 Happy Family is committed to our environment: we work with sustainable family-owned farms to source the organic fruits and vegetables in our products; we often use post-consumer recycled materials for packaging; and we offer recyclable packaging whenever possible. We also work with organizations like Project Peanut Butter and FEED Foundation to help feed starving children all over the world.