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Thien-Kim Lam

Blogger and Community Leader

Frequently burning the midnight oil with a mug of coffee (or tea), Thien-Kim Lam is a mother, business owner and general crafty gal. Her blog I’m Not the Nanny began as a place to vent her frustration over the public’s perceptions and assumptions about her children’s biracial heritage. It has evolved into a resource for parents who want to celebrate their children’s multicultural heritage and features her everyday parenting roller coaster ride. Thien-Kim strives to live creatively by sharing her recipes and crafts on her blog.

She also runs From Left to Write, a virtual book club with a community of bloggers who read & discuss books and write personal essays inspired by themes from them.  Thien-Kim also reviews literary fiction, mysteries, chick lit and more on the site. Somewhere in between her kids, her husband, and her business she manages to squeeze in some art, some books, and long hot bubble baths. Plus coffee, lots of coffee.

Find Thien-Kim passionately tweeting @thienkim Follow her on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/thienkim Follow her on Instagram www.instagram.com/msthienkim