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Boni Candelario

Career Coach

Career Strategy and Empowerment expert, Boni Candelario inspires her clients to achieve the next level in their careers and businesses by teaching them how to showcase their skills and value to management, colleagues, future employers and clients.

She currently works for Yale University Human Resources in their Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development department. As chair of the careers committee for the Yale Latino Networking Affinity Group, she has created strategic career programming to empower individuals to navigate their career, go outside of their comfort zone, and communicate their value and skills. 

As a working mother, Boni understands the difficulty many women face in taking charge of their career and believing in their success. 

Mission: To inspire women to know their value and teach them how to sell it!

Expertise in career strategy including; career mapping and goal setting, assessing transferable skills, résumé and cover letter audits, and using social media for job searches.

Email: Boni@coachmup.com  Follow me on: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook