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Adrianna Giuliuani


Adrianna serves as a SVP, Creative & Strategic Planner at DeVries leading the Creative & Strategic Services Team—the hub of strategy, creative and digital for the agency.  During her career Adrianna has worked on a range of lifestyle brands including Frito Lay, Cadbury Adams, ABSOLUT vodka, Home Depot, Weight Watchers and P&G to drive strategy and programming. She is energized by helping brands insert themselves into the pop culture stream by creating value and entertainment for their audiences—as is evident in some of her recent work like “Pantene Goes Back to the 80s,” Downy’s “Mike in Window” and Sam Adams “Crowd Craft”—programs that she created in partnership with the teams at DeVries. Recently she has worked to infuse this sensibility into the agency by creating Trending @DeVries—a team that mines the stream for percolating conversations, trends and ideas that brands can tap to create “Always On” moments that drive awareness, engagement and relevance for their audiences.

Adrianna specializes in insight work and trend spotting and has given client and industry talks on everything from generational differences in the work place to what brands can learn from Lady Gaga. Adrianna completed her Masters in Strategic Communication at Columbia University concentrating on integrated marketing and digital word of mouth. She also blogs as part of Social Media Week’s global editorial team and for PR Week—and guest lectures at Columbia University and Stevens Institute. You can read some of her musings here