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Maggie Reyes

Life Coach, Writer, Founder
Miami, Florida
Maggie Reyes is a Life Coach, Writer + the Founder of ModernMarried.com. Her romantic-yet-practical approach to wedded bliss has been featured on Project Happily Ever After, Daybreak USA, Cristina XMRadio and Military Spouse Magazine. When she’s not writing, working or creating pins for her fabulous Facebook Community, you can find her cuddling with her hubby, reading a romance novel or embracing how the words “over-achiever” and “TV Junkie” can still go in the same sentence, to describe the same person. Her popular podcast, “Life Coach Jam” is consistently among the top 10 marriage podcasts on iTunes. Learn how to love like a newlywed no matter how long you have been married at www.ModernMarried.com.