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Frances Frost

Just Piddlin
Silver Spring MD
Frances Frost has been making up her own stories ever since convincing her younger brother that she could make butter from those little teeny cups of coffee creamer. Now, she imagines creative answers for her four children, her blog, and her next novel.

Frances chronicles her thoughts on the experience of mothering her children, books she’s enjoyed, and recipes and crafts she’s attempted on her blog, Just Piddlin’ at www.slackermomof4.blogspot.com, a Circle of Moms “Top 25 Family Blogs by Moms” (2012). She is a contributing blogger on Skirt.com and CircleofMoms.com. Piddlers can continue their daily conversation on Facebook at Just Piddlin’ with Frances.

In April 2013, she released her debut novel, Life in Spades, the story about the friendship of four thirty-something African-American women who regularly get together to play the card game Spades. Away from the card table, Gina, Sherry, Laura, and Cookie face challenges in dating, family issues, and recovering from an assault. Information about the book and her ventures as a new author are on her site, www.francesfrost.com.

Frances lives just outside of Washington, DC in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband, four children, and rescued pup. She survives on an endless supply of coffee and chocolate.